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when traveling lite is the most important part of your trip

traveling for a business meeting? maybe a jamb packed weekend where you’ll be bouncing from one location to the next?  don’t let your suitcase weigh you down! you do not need to check a bag where ever you go and you don’t need a flat iron.  a sleek ponytail looks very professional and depending on the type of meeting, your … Read More

7 things you won’t want to miss in Wilmington NC

i love my city.  i’ve only lived here for 10 years but i feel the pulse of the city.  it’s a sleepy little coastal community where you feel like you belong.  the friendly vibe of the locals is so welcoming it makes you want to stay forever.  and many do!  with so much to do and see i put together a … Read More

10 things you call your dog (other than its name)…

i have a fluffy yellow dog.  she’s my fur baby and as such, she is treated like a member of the family.  a human, at times.  she’s my child.  i even have conversations with her and try out new jokes.  always supportive.  okay, sometimes i go a bit overboard.  like when i give her nicknames.  nothing like Jimbo, Chuck or AnneBanan. … Read More