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when traveling lite is the most important part of your trip

traveling for a business meeting? maybe a jamb packed weekend where you’ll be bouncing from one location to the next?  don’t let your suitcase weigh you down! you do not need to check a bag where ever you go and you don’t need a flat iron.  a sleek ponytail looks very professional and depending on the type of meeting, your … Read More

10 things you call your dog (other than its name)…

i have a fluffy yellow dog.  she’s my fur baby and as such, she is treated like a member of the family.  a human, at times.  she’s my child.  i even have conversations with her and try out new jokes.  always supportive.  okay, sometimes i go a bit overboard.  like when i give her nicknames.  nothing like Jimbo, Chuck or AnneBanan. … Read More