10 things you call your dog (other than its name)…


i have a fluffy yellow dog.  she’s my fur baby and as such, she is treated like a member of the family.  a human, at times.  she’s my child.  i even have conversations with her and try out new jokes.  always supportive.  okay, sometimes i go a bit overboard.  like when i give her nicknames.  nothing like Jimbo, Chuck or AnneBanan.  (which by the way was given to me by my weird boss when i used to work in the service industry. then at some point it was shortened to Banan)  (oh… and my fav… i’m-a-little-tea-pot-short-Anne-Stout. not very creative but what’r you gonna do…  only the Pope gets to pick his name, right?)  so i feel it’s appropriate for my dog to have nicknames.  here are my top 10 fav nicknames for her, in no particular order.  there’s not one i’m calling her at the moment.  it depends on what she’s doing at the time.  duh!

  1. wiggle puppy – this is when she does her famous grunting dance on her back.  you know the one.  it’s not so much like she’s having a seizure but more like when she’s got this crazy itch.  she wiggles and wiggles and when she’s hit the spot she grunts as if to tell me “oh that’s the spot!  ahhh… (sigh)”
  2. disclaimer: this is not PC.  stroke puppy – this is when she’s been laying on the floor so long that her face looks smooshed and mangled.
  3. fuzzy butt – she looks like a giant yellow cotton ball when she shakes.
  4. yellow dog – because she’s yellow.  i didn’t say they were all going to be winners.
  5. tiny dancer – when she dances before dinner.  she taps her two tiny front feet on the floor.  and what happens when the words “tiny dancer” pop into your head?  that’s right.  you’re doing it right now.  you sing.  sing to your dog.
  6. angel face – who doesn’t call their dog angel face?
  7. little princess-her hair is crazy at times, much like Shirley Temple.
  8. super puppy-when she gets super puppy powers as the weather gets chilly.  she ZOOMS to the end of her leash, chokes herself and ZOOMS back the other way.  which i don’t mind because she’s worn out after a block and we can go home.
  9. grinch toes-needs no explanation.
  10. disaster puppy-i’m just waiting for the national weather service to name their next “p” storm “Puppy”.  this is when you’ve spent a whole Saturday cleaning the house and her fuzzy-ass-tail brings in leaves, twigs, burs (very unpleasant to step on, much like a lego i would imagine) dirt, bark, food off the street, dead things… think Jenna Maroney goes dumpster diving.

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