when traveling lite is the most important part of your trip


traveling for a business meeting? maybe a jamb packed weekend where you’ll be bouncing from one location to the next?  don’t let your suitcase weigh you down! you do not need to check a bag where ever you go and you don’t need a flat iron.  a sleek ponytail looks very professional and depending on the type of meeting, your audiance will respond better when your hair is sleek and pulled back tight. if you think it’s time to try a hotel workout be honest with yourself.  if you really do need to get one in during your one night stay at the hampton then go ahead and pack your sneakers but double up your pj’s as your workout clothes.

  1. clinique chubby sticks-gone are the days of the traditional eyeshadow, blush and brush set being your only option for makeup. i carry the clinique chubby sticks for eyes, cheeks and lips.  it takes up a fraction of the space.  you can pack them in a small dop kit and include mascara, a travel size deodorant that always stays in this bag, Qtips, cotton balls, earrings, bracelet and a ring. (on a side note: pick your fav chubby and throw it in your clutch to freshen up before happy hour) regarding your dental hygiene, if you’re staying in a hotel, you can pick up a tooth brush and tooth paste when you check in but if you like to bring your own just throw them in.
  2. one pair of shoes-the one’s you have on now.  be smart. have a meeting? wear the same black pumps to your meeting that you wore when you checked into the hotel. weekend getaway? wear your weekend shoes through the airport and pack your outfit(s) according the your shoes.
  3. one pair of pants, two max-you got it. the ones you have on now and a fresh pair (or dress/skirt for warmer weather) in case you spill something.  pack a fresh top and jacket/blazer/cardigan. for air travel, throw a lite jacket in your tote (denim goes with everything) or tie a hoodie around your waste.
  4. use the hotel amenities-i know, i know. most hotel shampoo and conditioner are crap.  but it’s only for one night.  your hair won’t fall out.  if you’re really worried about, on the day of your departure, make sure you give your head a good scrub. don’t weigh it down with product.  i find it’s best to use dry shampoo after i blow dry so my style will hold over night.
  5. laptop-if you can avoid traveling with it, do it.  but if not… throw your heavy laptop bag in your suitcase. charger and all. carry your laptop itself in your tote. after you travel one time with this behemoth you’ll beg your boss to get you a tablet.
  6. tote bag vs. purse-tote bag always wins.  i can put my portfolio, tablet/laptop(bleh), water bottle and a wristlet in my tote and carry it all into a meeting without looking ridiculously weighed down.

have any packing tips that have been a lifesaver?  let us know!  traveling lite makes for happier travels.

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